Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Day!

Well today was my first day back at work since Lexi was born :O(. It was also Lexi's first day at day care. I really like the lady keeping her, she is great. She might even keep a journal of Lexi's days, like Small World did for Madyson. Everyone at ABC & ME loves Lexi as much as Madyson. They fight over who gets her - she is just a good happy baby!! Madyson was really excited about Lexi coming to school - of course she was quick to point out that Lexi would be in the "baby" room NOT her "big girl" room. Madyson is also really excited about moving to the "big building" There are two buildings-one for babies through 2 years & the 3 year olds through after schoolers are at the other one. She did make sure all her friends would move to the big building with her.

On a cute note: We went and ate supper with Grammy & Grandpa Power at the Green Olive & after everyone was done Madyson asked Grandpa to dance with her (over & over), he told her they couldn't dance because there was not music. Madyson said "the music is in my mouth". So she sang so they could dance. She is just too precious!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Fun

Today we went to the water park one last time to close out our summer. (Sorry no pictures, I didn't want to have to keep up with the camera) I have to go back to work Wednesday, which means the girls start school. :o( Yes, I have to take Lexi to her first day at ABC & Me. Kinda sad, huh. Drew is off until August 1st, but has a big time golf tournament this weekend he needs extra practice for, so the girls will start Wednesday. It is a good thing though, it gives us a week to get back in the swing of things & get used to getting another person ready in the mornings - we will have to establish a new nighttime & morning routine.
I am kinda worried about taking Lexi because she has been having a lot of runny diapers, which at daycare means a call to mom or dad to come get them. She seems fine though, Drew & I think she may be teething, she drools all the time, & likes to chew on her fingers & hands. I will keep you all updated on how her first couple of days go.
I am soooooo not looking forward to going back to school. I will be starting as the 11th & 12th grade counselor, which is really no to different, but I will also be training the new counselor. The good thing about this week however, is San-San & Papa Smurf are comin this weekend. Aunt Paige, Uncle James & Taylor are also coming up. The men are playing in the same golf tournament as Drew. It will be a fun weekend spending time with family we don't get to see often.

Now that I will be starting back to work, don't be to disappointed if the blog gets a little behind, especially at first. I just wanted to fill everyone in on what is going on this week in case the blog slows down.

Also Madyson is fast approaching her 3rd birthday (time flies). Because her birthday is on a Monday, we are going to have her party on the Sunday before from 1 - 3. She is really excited. She is having an Ariel (Little Mermaid) Birthday Party. There will be cake, ice cream & swimming.

Also if you have not recieved one of Lexi's birth announcements please let me know I don't want to leave anyone out.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

3 Months Already

Here are a couple of cute 3 month pictures of Lexi. I also put some on Snapfish. Apparently in Columbus, there are no 3 month check-ups, so we don't know exactly how much she ways or her length. We think she is around 12 pounds. Our next check up is in August for more shots, so another Daddy job!

Look-A-Likes? You Make the Call

Here are pictures of Madyson & Lexi both at 3 Months. Everyone tells me Lexi looks like Madyson, you make the call.

Family Time

We had a great time visiting with Great Grandma & Grandpa Hatch. Madyson put on a concert for them (you'll see later).

Grammy & the Girls

The Show Must Go On

Madyson was giving a concert. Watch or should I say listen to Lexi, I think she was ready for her turn. And in true professional style, Madyson didnt let Lexi distract her.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Week Review

Not much happening this week at the McBrayer house. Lexi has a new favorite toy, Madyson has a new trick in the pool & Drew has bronchitis, and I only have 2 weeks left of vacation :O(. Drew went to the Dr. & got 2 shots & 2 prescriptions, a breathing treatment & a chest x-ray - but he is doing much better. Of course it didnt slow him down much, he was still playing golf. I have decide to leave Madyson at ABC & Me. We had originally decided to send her to Victory, which would be "school", but after a week long hard decision, I decided she would just stay wear she is. They use the same curriculum, and her learning is the most important thing to me. The other counselor that works with me has taken another job, so I think I will be taking on the 11th & 12th graders next year. It is my decision, and I really enjoyed working with seniors at St. Al. I believe that is it for this weeks developments!

Happy Late Birthday to San-San!!

Standing Tall

This is our newest development I guess you could say. I know it is hard to tell from this picture but Madyson is standing up without her floaty in the middle of the pool. Madyson figured out yesterday that she can stand up in the shallow end of the pool. She just loves it. She doesnt wear her floaty. Now she walks & swims around the pool. Our little fish is getting sooooooooo big.

Madyson & Friends

Madyson asked me to take her picture.

Another Wedding

Madyson after Beth Gore's Wedding.

Lexi's New Toy

This was Madyson's bouncer and she loved it. Now it's Lexi's turn. She has been sitting in this bouncer a long time, but we finally added the lights & music. When she kicks it activates the lights and music. She loved that she could make herself bounce, but now she loves it even more because she can make it light up & sing. She really likes to kick the toy hanging down. You can sit her in it and she will play for at least 30 minutes. She just smiles, laughs & talks to it. She is becoming a very interactive baby. She loves to be talked to. She is happy girl & such a good baby. She lays on the floor a lot, but no rolling yet, however she loves to scoot - she will use those feet and push, moving her along the floor.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We had a great time on the 4th. We had lots of friends & family over. Lexi of course slept through the majority of it. We got to meet our newest cousin, Haley, who is 5 weeks. We had the annual duals of the horseshoe pits, swimming and lots of eats! We really enjoyed having everyone, thanks to all who came. Hope everyone enjoyed their FREEDOM day! Make sure to pray for our troops who are working to allow us to have these get-togethers.

New Trick

Lexi's new favorite thing to do is stand up. I know it is hard to tell in the picture but she is actually standing up in her bouncer. She loves to stand up in your lap. She is just a happy baby. She just loves to smile at everyone. She is just a blessing.

Silly Cantrilli

Madyson w/ her black olive fingers. We even taught Hunter the "correct" way to eat them, at the 4th of July party.

Dynamic Duo

Madyson & Hunter (& his cup!)


The newest married couple Rob & Emily w/ Lexi.

Happy 4th of July!

Annual HorseShoe Tournament!! New Champion this year....Jerry Kappler!!