Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome Baby J!

James Edward Wamble IV (Baby J!) is here :O) He was born about 2:15 today and weighed 6lbs 4oz. Paige has pictures on her facebook, he is precious & tiny. I will try and get pictures soon. Congrats Paige & James, and the new big sister Taylor!!

I am not sure what exactly to do with a boy, but I am excited to get to know him!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ready for School

Lexi is ready and out on her way out the door for school!

Snow Day

Last Thursday it actually SNOWED! Of course it was enough to make a footprint, but that is all it takes in Columbus to get out of school. Thats also all it takes to get Madyson excited. It didn't last too long, but they had fun while it lasted.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Photos

The Girls!

Whole Family!

Grammy & Madyson

Madyson, Grammy & Tracy

We took pictures before Tracy had to head back to Cali so we took one or two!

Sweet Sleeping Angels

Grammy's Cake

Madyson stands proud in front of her cake she made for grammy!

Madyson wanted to back Grammy a cake for her birthday. So she called grammy and asked her what kind she wanted. Grammy said strawberry shortcake, but this was as close as we got. Strawberry cake w/ strawberry icing and decorated with sprinkles, and of course - Strawberries! She really did help do everything & it tasted great!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lunch after Christmas

Tracy & Sadie
Grammy & Lexi

Cooking with the girls!

The day after Christmas, we had lunch at Allie's. Food & Games! We had a great time & got a couple of cute pictures at the same time!

Gotta Love it!

Is there anything better, than being loved!

Best Toy Box Ever

I wanted to get a toy box for Lexi for Christmas. I was just going to order on online, but when you have a talented dad who can make anything I decided to ask him first. He did an awesome job, of course. I knew it would mean more if it was something he built, rather than just another thing I bought for her. However, when you have a big sister like Madyson - you know you cant make something just for Lexi. She told grandpa - "I can't believe you built something for Lexi and not me!" So grandpa, of course he had to make something for Madyson too! Just last night Madyson, again said "Grandpa, I don't have a toy box, but that is okay because I can just use Lexi's" She is too big!
Thanks for the awesome toy box grandpa, it will grow with her a long long time!