Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat!

Cutest pumpkin ever!

Candy bucket and ready to go!

Fairy Princess Butterfly Madyson
We went trick or treating in Allie's neighborhood this year. Madyson lasted a whole 5 houses and wanted to go back and hand out candy. One of the houses scared her and she was scared of all of the "scary" costumes so she was done. Lexi loved it though. I kept asking her if she was ready to go back to Allie's house, but she would just point to the next house and say "that way" When we finally did get back she didn't leave that candy bucket.

Ice Cream Truck

A lot of you have heard us talk about the ice cream truck that comes around the neighborhood. If we are home when it comes by we have ice cream. Lexi even knows the sound of the ice cream truck.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cheering on the Bills!

Supporting the Bills & the Bulldogs is a Rough job. It even takes its toll on Lexi!
Sweet Sisters


Just like big sister! (Whatever that is!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Madyson before school!

Kensely's Birthday Party

Kensley (B-day Girl), Madyson & Annie(b-day girl's sister)

Madyson had another birthday party at Jumpin G's this morning for Kensley, one of her friends at school. All of her friends are turning 5, but that doesn't bother Madyson she keeps up w/ them all step for step - if she is not the leader of the group. Lexi went to and had a ball!

18 Months Update

Lexi had her 18 months check up Wednesday! She started crying as soon as we turned in to the Dr.'s office parking lot. She did really well for Lexi. He said she is a good healthy girl! She weighs 26 pounds and is 33 inches. Her tubes are on the way out & new teeth are on the way in! She has developed quite a little personality. Her sister calls her "swiper"(those who are familiar w/ Dora will understand). She loves to take stuff from Madyson toys, food, etc. It doesn't matter if they have the same exact things on their plate - it just tastes better from Madyson's! She talks extremely well. We are working on our letters and numbers. She wants to do whatever her big sister is doing, go wherever her big sister is going, and will say whatever big sister says!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Silly Bug!

Just too darn cute!
Silly! Silly! Silly!

Madyson actually took this one. She found her pacie!

Can you tell Lexi had a busy day at school! She is a mess! She was being silly and of course when I get the camera out she stops, but I decided to go ahead and post the few I got.

Sunday's Visitor

We had a little visitor stop by Sunday afternoon. We had the windows open and the one above the sink doesn't have a screen, so Mr. Birdy decided to stop in an watch a little football! The girls though it was too funny!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ready for Church

...waiting on Allie
Almost ready for

Now that is gotten cold, we had to go get Madyson some new dresses for church. This is one of her new ones! She loves spinning in it - imagine that.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who needs toys!

Kids can play with anything, makes you wonder why we spend so much money on toys.

Football at Allies

When you are watching the bulldogs, sometimes you have to entertain yourself!



During the down poor last Saturday, the girls and I went to Allies to watch the MSU/LSU ballgame instead of going to the game (wise decision, I think!)

Rain Rain Go Away

The culd-a-sec across from our house
Our Road

We have had soooo much rain in the last couple of weeks and more to come. When the rain finally did stop the yard was too wet to even play, needless to say we had a lot of built up energy!

Babies! Babies!

Allie, Madyson & Addison
Grandpa, Madyson, Lucy, Lexi & Ashley

Madyson & Lucy

We went to Oxford to visit w/ my new cousin Lucy & watch New Hope play football. Madyson wanted to hold her right away. Yesterday Amanda & her little girl Addison came over to watch the MSU v Georgia Tech game and Madyson was immediatley asking to hold her. She tells everyone that when Lexi turns 3 and is no longer in diapers she is going to have a baby brother. We are definitely hoping she is right, but for now we will enjoy Madyson & Lexi and look forward to our two new cousins to come.