Saturday, January 31, 2009

Color Time

Lexi coloring at Grandma & Grandpa's. She is getting so big!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


If you aren't watching American Idol, check out this link & start watching. Jasmine is a former Jr. Miss Mississippi & can absolutely sing, not to mention she is gorgeous. She was intertainment at one of the pagents Tracy was in (the one she won Best Talent). So if she makes it to the top 12, please help us vote to keep her going!

Jumps*Kicks*Splits* Update

Well, I just bought a pair of tap shoes & have to get ballet slippers before next Thursday. Needless to say Madyson loved it. After class her teacher asked me if I had ever thought about putting her in gymnastics? Just Everyday, but no one around here takes them until they are 5 years old. She said that Madyson was a natural & she could tell she loves it. They are going to ask they Tumbling/Gymnastics teacher if Madyson could take one of her classes, but she guaranteed me that by the end of the year she would be doing cartwheels & roundoffs. Madyson is really excited about her new classes - daddy not so much. He found out that actually have recitals. Whatever makes that pile of energy happy! Keep your fingers crossed that the gymnastics teacher will take Madyson!!


Madyson is going to start a new tumbling class tonight. It is called Jumps*Kicks*Splits* in Caledonia a 2 & 3 year old combo class so they don't get bored. They do tumbling, dance, tap, jazz, ballet & hip hop.

This weekend we went to Vicksburg & Macy Ryan (the daughter of the friends we stayed with) is 6 and has been taking gymnastics now for a couple of years & can do a back hand spring - so guess who is trying! In hopes of preventing a broken neck, thought we should get some official lessons. I will let everyone know how it goes.

Ear Infections

Poor Lexi has had an ear infection in at least one ear going on 20 days. We went back to the Dr. today hoping to get a clear bill of health. Our left ear had cleared up, but the right looked like it was ready to "explode" So after 20 days of being on 2 different antiboiotics, we got a shot today & have to go back first thing in the morning to get another one. Pray that this works! If not we get to go see the ENT (ear, nose & throat dr.) Not a good thing - probably means tubes. Poor baby girl got her momma's ears. You really wouldn't know she has an ear infection - well until midnight!

So - keep her ears in your prayers!

Just too cute!


Playing w/ big sister! Lexi gets as much use out of Madyson's Christmas presents as Madyson. Next year I will just get toys they can share!

The New Dare Devil

Lexi sees her big sister climbing & jumping on everything, so she decided to try.

Just Playing

Madyson got a princess cot for Christmas. As you can tell Lexi loves it too or maybe Lexi just loves playing with her big sister.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sorry for Delay

Okay, just want to apologize for the lack of updating. I have been extremly busy, but also our computer crashed (yes again). Our amazing friend Brandon has us back up and running, but I have just not had time to actually sit and post. I am at work now & only had time for a quick explination, but I promise to get back on track soon. In the mean time, you can check our Paige's blog from pictures from Drew's 30 birthday (a month ago) The pictures, I had from that crashed with the computer, Hopefully Brandon can retrieve them.

Monday, January 5, 2009

SanSan & Babies

We tried and tried, but we just couldn't get all 3 to look a the same time.

Everyone loves the Giga Ball

Drew & Dora love the Giga Ball, too! The Giga Ball has a 150 pound limit! I guess Drew just ignored it. My mom actually got in it too, but no pictures.

We took it out to my grandparents & my younger cousins (10, 8 & 4 years) played in it - Loved It! We already have a hole we have to patch! Don't worry it will be back in working order if it ever quits raining.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


The Famous Giga Ball! Madyson just loves it! As you can tell

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's

After we finished Christmas at our house, we went to Grammy & Grandpa's to do Christmas with my family. We let Madyson & Lexi open their presents first - well okay so Madyson decided they would open theirs first - she was to impatient to take turns. Lexi on her rocking giraffe from Grammy & Grandpa

Madyson got a bowling set from Aunt Tracy, but I think Lexi likes it more than Madyson. Lexi is playing in the kitchen & everyone else finishes opening their gifts.

Awesome Job!

Madyson is riding her big girl Ariel Bike - down the dead in road across from the house.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lexi's First Christmas

Plays music & has a mirror. She loves it!
Sitting in her big girl chair from SanSan & Papa Smurf

So many toys, which first?

Loves her musical horse

#1 of many Christmas gifts to open

I don't think she really understood what was going on, but she had a good time. Madyson & mommy pretty much unwrapped all her presents. Madyson didn't mind. Drew called SanSan (they were up & waiting on the call) when the girls got up so they came over & got to see the girls opening all their presents.

Too Young to Drive

This has been the only time Lexi has been happy in the car!


Santa Gifts Christmas Morning

Lexi & her Car
Madyson & her Big Bike
This is what Santa brought the girls. Madyson got a big girl Ariel bicycle and a new Dora Candyland (which by the way we found our old one & I bought a regular one - so we now own 3 Candyland games) and Lexi got a swing for the swing set & this push car.

Grandpa playing with a Happy Lexi on Christmas Eve.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve Night

After a quick visit with SanSan & Papa Smurf we went to Mom & Dad's. We got to visit with Aunt Sharon & Uncle Forrest.

Christmas Eve Day

Opening gifts.... Look closely Can you find Lexi?
Lexi & her piano

Lexi & her music table

Madyson & her Giga Ball

Sweet Sisters!

We had Christmas lunch at Papa & Nana's house and then opened presents. The girls had a blast! Madyson got one of her favorite toys ever - Giga Ball (I have plenty of pictures & a great video to put on - show the Giga Ball in action). We tried real hard to get the 3 girls together for a picture, but that wouldn't happen they are just too busy. You were lucky if you could even get them in the same picture. The girls weren't the only ones who got good presents. Drew got a range finder that he can use for golf and hunting. I got dual dvd players for the car - AWESOME. They are already in full use.