Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Pitts

We went to the Williamson's Pitts on Sunday. Its a large lake with a huge slide, couple of diving boards and a rip cord swing. She went down the slides several times with Drew - until the mat got stuck on the slide and they went the rest of the way on their own. She also went off the rip cord swing with Drew, but she hated it! She loved the diving boards! She went off the medium size one that you can see in the top picture. Everyone there was impressed with her! Lexi and I of course missed it all b/c we only lasted about an hour and I was tired of following her around so we left.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lee Park

Mom and I took the girls to play at Lee Park on Friday. They will start back to school full time next week, so I wanted them to get to do something different than play at home. We thought that Lee Park would be shaded, but it was still too hot so we didnt stay too long.

Pony Tail

This is as close to a pony tail as I can get in Lexi's hair. By know I was braiding Madyson's!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Pictures of Tracy's Apartment

Kitchen - looking at the eating area
Living Area looking into the 2 bedrooms. Master on right, guest on left.

Living room (chairs given to her by the company she was interning with.)
Will be the office!

Tracy's Apartment

Tracy's House (well the lady's house she is renting from)
walkway to her apartment
The Door to her apartment
Her backyard

Well Dad made it home safe and sound last night from his trip out to California. He took Tracy the Camry and helped her move into her new apartment. Since Tracy doesn't have access to internet right now I am going to take it upon myself to show everyone the pictures of her new home. (I am sure she wont mind) Dad left her with Lanie and her sister coming for a week and then Chad and Cory coming for a week, so she will have plenty of help getting the apartment all cozy (then maybe she can take some more pictures!) She took a video, but the she held the camera sideways so to watch the video you have to turn your head - so I won't be uploading it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just like dad

Lexi & Daddy's Hat


All Madyson's toys in one box (Except Grandpa)
Making music!

Anyone thinking of stopping after one child -DONT! Imagine all the fun they would miss out on with a brother or sister. Of course they will fight some, but there is nothing like the bond between siblings. I couldn't imagine life without my sisters. Madyson does a good job playing with her sister 95% of the time & Lexi just loves Madyson (Sissy) to death. Everymoring Lexi wakes up the first thing she does is looks for Madyson. Lexi wants to go everywhere and do everything she does. Of course Madyson does take it overboard sometimes too, acting like she is one of her baby dolls.

Summertime Fun!

Eating a popcicle in the sprinkler!
Lexi dripping wet from sprinkler!

Okay, I know we have a pool, but sometimes you want to do something different. So we pulled out the sprinkler and the girls had a great time playing in it! - The grass needed the water, too!

Prayer Request Updates

Jr. passed away Friday morning. Please continue to say a little prayer for his friends and family.

Thanks for all your prayers about Allison & Lee's house. They have a contract on it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Prayer Request Update

They have moved Jr. (Mrs. Wanda's stepfather) from ICU to a regular room so that he can spend his last days with his family. Please say a little prayer for his family.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Photos

The beach photos Amber took of us at the beach are online. If you want to check them out go to click on proofing and type in mcbrayer

Let me know your favorites!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a Talker!

Lexi is 15 months old and already knows so many words. She is even speaking in some sentences. I credit a lot of that to Madyson. She loves her big sister - even when Madyson is being mean to her. She will try and sing the alphabet and does an pretty good job counting. I tried to tell SanSan how much she could talk, but of course she didn't do much talking at the beach.

Did I tell you she loves her big sister - Madyson is really good at pretending and will pretend to be animals sometimes. So, the other day Lexi was crawling around the house saying "meow" She is so cute! Monday Madyson had tumbling and I hadn't seen the girls in a little while so I got up to go check on them and I found them in the bathroom & Madyson was putting one of her gymnastic leotards on Lexi. Lexi just loved it -she wore it the rest of the night.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Prayer Request

Nana's (Mrs. Wanda) stepfather has been diagnosed w/ multiple cancers - bone, liver and prostate. He is having hemroid surgery on Monday and the Dr.'s don't know if he will make it through the surgery. Please keep him and his family on the top of your prayer list!

I am sketchy on the details this is all I know.

Offical News

Well its official! I am the proud wife of the New Hope Trojans Head Basketball Coach and the proud sister in law of the New Hope Trojans Head Baseball Coach! This past Tuesday both Drew & Lee accepted offers to become the head coaches of their respected sports. (Good thing they didn't decide to coach the same thing :O)

Tuesday was just a blessing! One of the best days in Power Family history - of course after weddings and births. Drew, Lee & Mom all got new jobs! Allison found out that someone had just recently turned in their resignation in labor and delivery at Baptist so there is an opening that she should have a great opportunity to get! And then there is Tracy - No she is not coming home, but she was got huge props from a professional actor about her monolog that she performed for him in his class. He even made it a point to talk to her about it after the class was over - I am very proud of my lil sis, too!!

I have so much to be proud of and thankful for in my life.

Its hard to actually ask God for anything else, but if you are talking to him - please ask him to help Allie & Lee sell their house!

I am sure there will be articles in Sunday paper, because both Drew & Lee declined to talk until everything became official.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cannon Ball!

I think the Title speaks for itself!

Outside looking In

Lexi watching other people swim. She neve fussed, though.

Happy Birthday SanSan!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Track

Thursday night (our last night at the beach) we decided to take Mayson to the "track" to ride some rides. Drew and Madyson stood in line about 20 minutes to ride the go carts, but as soon as they got buckled in the manager told them to shut it down b/c it was lightening to bad to run the carts. They shut down everything -so Madyson didn't get to ride anything :( She was so sad, we felt awful. We stuck the tickets in the glove compartment & will save them for next year - only next year we will go earlier in our stay!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Madyson left her yogurt in Lexi's reach.

Thursday at the beach
The girls loved this chair. It is on wheels. Madyson spun Lexi around and around!

Worn Out!

This is what all that swimming will do to you! What can I say she loves her blanket. She slept in a big bed all week and did really well. I thought she just looked too sweet to pass up on taking a picture.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Beach

Madyson & Daddy in the boat float in the ocean.
Saturday 1st day on the beach
She was only happy long enough to take these pictures.....

Now this is how Lexi really felt about he beach!!

We just got back from the beach in time to get ready for the 4th of July! The 6 hour car ride went surprisingly well, better than expected. I can really sum up our beach trip with one word - "Pool". Yep, I don't really have beach loving girls. Don't let these pictures of Lexi fool you this is about the only time she was happy about being on the beach - even for pictures. She did eventually warm up to the beach - Thursday - the last day, but the current was too strong for me to stay out their long & once Madyson decided to go to the pool, it was bye bye ocean. Drew was golfing, of course, so he missed it and it rained once he got home so we never went back to the ocean. We had big waves all week.We couldn't ask for better weather - well except for one day, but I will explain that later. Their was a steady breeze, and temperatures never got past low 90's. We also survived with no sunburn!! We are already looking forward to next year. Madyson played with Bryce (5) & Ginger(9) (Drew's cousin's kids) Sunday - Tuesday, and both the girls played with Taylor Tues - Friday. It is so much fun to watch the 3 of them play, I am really glad we got to spend time with them. By the end of the visit Madyson even like Uncle James more than Uncle Kyle!

My 1st Oreo

This is Lexi's 1st Oreo. I should have taken a picture of the chair b/c I think it ate more than Lexi.