Sunday, February 28, 2010

Worn Out!

Madyson took this picture!
You would think this was after shopping!

Wish Madyson still took naps!!

Playing Together

I would say about 97% of the time the girls play great together. Saturday and Sunday were so pretty we got to play outside most of the day. They had a great time and even stopped to take a quick photo!

Fun in Allie's Car

We went to town w/ Allie Saturday and they just had to ride in the very back!

New Hope Basketball Seniors

Drew & His Seniors!
We sure are going to miss these guys!

Lexi's Braids

Can you believe Lexi sat still long enough for me to french braid her hair twice!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update

Other than a heartbreaking end to the basketball season that will take a long time to get over, it was a beautiful weekend. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend to kick off baseball. Lee had his first game as Head Coach of the prestigious New Hope Baseball program. It was just a preseason jamboree, but a great way to shake early jitters for both players and coaches! The won both games!

We got to spend time with family, too! My cousin James, his wife Sarah and their 2 month old baby boy, Eli, came in from Ohio. Because we don't get to see them often, my grandparents, Aunt Cathi and cousin Ashley and the girls favorite, Baby Lucy came too! We had a great visit and my grandparents got to spend time with 4 great-grand kids!

With basketball season sadly over, I will try and keep the blog updated a little better!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Picture Updates

Madyson & Lucy
Lexi and Grandpa at Rubens

What's for dinner?

Bulldog Get up!


Bucket Head

I'm an excellent driver......

if I could see over the wheel!

Mom & Lexi by Madyson

Ok, since I know most of you are wondering if I have lost my camera I uploaded some pictures from my phone! Enjoy!


Ok, we have been potty training a week now. I haven't wanted to post anything, b/c I didn't want to jinx it. We did the 3 day potty trainnig technique that Hunter & Taylor both did. The first day was a headache. We had 8 accidents the 1st day, 5 the 2nd day, & 3 the third. We were nervous to send her back to school w/ BIG GIRL PANTIES, but she has done great. She had one accident at nap time on the first day, none the second day, one the 3rd day & none the 4th. So she made it through daycare w/ 2 accidents this week. We are still working on it, so keep your fingers crossed, but she is doing pretty good.

Basketball Update

Well, Basketball Season is over. We lost a heartbreaker in the North State Tournament to Calloway (the defending State Champs & Grand Slam Champs) in DOUBLE OVERTIME 78-75. This should allow for some more free time, so I should be able to update the blog better. We had an incredible season, no one gave us a chance and we proved ourselves to be fighters. Those kids have more heart than any other team in the NATION! We finished an incredible 25-4, and Drew did it alone! No assistant coach! I am so proud of my husband and every last one of those boys.