Monday, September 29, 2008

Ultimate Sand Castle

This was a sand castle a man was doing next to the arch! Pretty Cool, huh.

Thank You!

I have to say a huge, Thank You to Aunt Allie for volunteering to keep the girls while we went to St. Louis. The girls loved it! I owe you! Love you lots!!

Happy Late Birthday!



It was so nice to come home to my girls. Missed them soooooooo much!

The Arch

This is a picture out of our hotel window, over looking the Mississippi river.
This is a picture from the arch, looking back at the old courthouse. Our hotel is on the right (w/ the red awning)

Standing at the bottom of the Arch

Our hotel was directly across from the Arch! Tracy went up to the top & got some great pictures, I will post later. We stayed downtown. It was really nice. They had great courtyards everywhere. We could see the arch & the Cardinals Stadium out the hotel window. We were about 5 blocks from the Edward Dome (football stadium).

B-U-F-F-A-L-O Buffalo Buffalo Go!Go!Go!

We had a great time in St. Louis this weekend. Especially since the Bills won & are 4-0!!! It was a shakey 1st half, but we came around. We got to hang out with family & friends, too! I had never been to St. Louis, so another stadium to check off the list!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Prayer Requests

Please keep our friends in mind & say a little prayer for them.

Dink & Shelia Smith's newborn granddaughter is in Jackson w/ pneumonia. Hope full to come home Wednesday! :O)

Our friend April's dad is having open heart surgery.

St. Louis

Well Drew & I are headed to St. Louis at 7:00 in the morning and coming back Monday. Sunday we are going to watch Buffalo play the Rams!! Go BILLS!! Aunt Allie is coming into town to keep Madyson & Lexi Saturday & Sunday! What would we do without sisters. I trust Allie 100%, but I am still nervous about leaving them :o(. Brandon & Samantha are going to take Madyson with them to Rita Shelton's house for a get-together w/ all our friends. Everything always happens at the same time. Robert & Jenny Shelton came in town w/ their kids Maddox, (2 1/2) and Sawyer who was born 30 minutes after Lexi, and Taylor's 1st birthday are both this weekend. It is killing us to miss both of them. So Samantha has volunteered to take Madyson, so she can play w/ Maddox & Hunter. I am really excited about going to the Bills game though! I have never been to St. Louis - so this will be a new city & stadium (another one down, a lot more to go).

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Today is my niece, Taylor Wamble's 1st Birthday!! Sorry we are missing your party, but we are so proud to be your Aunt & Uncle. You are growing up soooooo fast. Have a great 1st Birthday Taylot - Tot!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Madyson & Mommy

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our New Trick

This is our new trick. Lexi is starting to hold her bottle on her own. She did it Saturday night at Sam's birthday party, too everyone there was real impressed. She is just getting so big!

Little Silly Cantrilli

Just thought I would share this funny picture!


This weekend just flew by. Madyson & Lexi stayed with Grammy & Grandpa Friday night, while we went to New Hope's football game. Saturday we had a wedding, golf tournament & birthday party. Madyson & I went to Hayes & Kristi's wedding, then to Sam Edward's 1st birthday! Drew played in a New Hope Baseball fundraiser golf tournament & then came to the birthday party. Drew actually finished tied for the lead with 2 other teams, but after tiebreakers finished 3rd. They paid the top 2 spots! Needless to say, he was very disappointed. Madyson & Lexi had a great time at the birthday party, unfortunately I have no pictures from the wedding or party.




Monday, September 15, 2008

Love My Lips!

No....that's not red lipstick! It's Carrots! This is Lexi's 1st baby food. She has been eating cereal, but this is her first attempt with food. She loved it! Madyson loved carrots, too!

Mommy & Me!

Lexi & I played while Madyson was at the birthday party!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bubbles Bubbles

Madyson went with Tracy to Jaden & Gavin's Birthday party & she got bubbles for a happy!

Checking out the Camera

While I was trying to take pictures of Lexi, she was trying to check it out.....or should I say she was trying to see if it would fit in her mouth!

Big Helper!

Madyson is a great helper. She helps me wash the bottles almost every night. I wash. She rinses. She also helps wash clothes - she will load both the washing machine & dryer. She has also been playing alot more with Lexi!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Friends

Madyson & Jackie

Madyson went w/grammy and grandpa to Great Grandpa Power's house to watch the Bills wax the Seahawks in the NFL opener. Back when I was working at Brickerton, I met a guy named Tom. He was a pilot at the base. Turned out he was from the same town as my dad. He is a huge Bills fan!! So he started coming to grandmas on Sundays to watch the Bills games. Well he got new orders and moved, and last year him & his wife moved back to Columbus. So to keep the tradition, Tom & his family came to Grandmas to watch the season opener. This is his stepdaughter, Jackie. Maydson & her had a great time!! He also has a 9 month old baby boy.

Cutie Pie

Cute picture of Madyson at Grammy's.

The girls stayed with Grammy & Grandpa Friday night so that Drew and I could go to Amory to watch New Hope football.

Happy Girl!

This is what Lexi did while Madyson & Walt played Thursday night.

Baby Sitting

Madyson & Walt (Tracy's friend's son)
Thursday night we kept Walt, while his mother had night class. Madyson & Walt had a great time, they played outside for a long time. He copied everything she did! He is just a sweet little boy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is Lexi's new favorite toy. Madyson loved it, so we thought we would try it out.

New Hope Football

New Hope had it's first football game last Friday. Drew has to take care of the officials, so we sit in the corner of the endzone. Madyson loved it! ....well not at first. The football teams ran out from our end, so the bands were too loud for her at first. Now she cant wait for the next game. Mom & Dad kept Lexi.

Loving Sisters

...Yes Madyson is in the crib w/ Lexi!!