Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Days

Ready to play in the snow, but it takes longer to get ready than play!

This is our 4th snow day in about 4 weeks! Yea, in Mississippi!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smoked Out!

The Thursday before Thanksgiving our dryer decided to catch on fire. Thankfully the fire was contained in the dryer, however the smoke was not! The smoke took over the house. Luckily Drew came home before the fire could come out of the dryer. Even w/o fire there was lots of smoke damage. We stayed a week with grammy until the house was cleaned. We were very lucky! On the bright side we got a new washing machine, dryer and recliner!

Leave Fun!

Cute pictures of the girls in the leaves at Grammy's!

Photo Shoot w/ Michelle Cox

A friend from work volunteered to take pictures of the girls at Lake Lowndes. We were really hoping to get some good shots for Christmas cards. However, Lexi did not want to cooperate, of course! Hence - no Christmas Cards this year. Madyson of course was little miss photogenic! Here are some of the best ones.

Halloween 2010

I know I have a LOT of updating to do. Time is a precious thing during basketball season. Here are a cute picture of the girls from Halloween. We just did Halloween at home this year or neighborhood is super busy during Halloween. Grammy took the girls around a little, but Madyson preferred to stay home and give out the candy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lexi & Audrey at the Football Game

Audrey is big enough to sit up on her own now! She had a big time playing w/ her big cousin Lexi Friday night at the football game.

Cheer Camp 2010

Madyson w/ Senior Cheerleader Betsy Reed

Madyson w/ Senior Cheerleader Hilliari Forrester

Madyson & Kensley

Girlfriends - Macy, Kensley, Madyson, Allie Kate & Nora
Madyson had Cheer Camp this week Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. They performed at the football game Friday night & got to be part of the line up that the football team ran through. She loves it!! - and as much as she loves it, it kills her daddy!! There is video to come, but it is about 3 minutes so it will take me awhile to load.